Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rite Aid Trip 4/03

So here's my Rite Aid trip I made this morning. I did 2 separate transactions for this.
Transaction 1
Gillete Fusion Proglide Razor $9.99- $3/1Q= $6.99    (Get $5 Ups)
Gillete Fusion Proglide Razor Kit $9.99-$3/1Q= $6.99 (Get $5 Ups)
Super PolyGrip .075oz $1.99-FREEQ= $0.00  (Will get $1.99 Single Check Rebate @ end of month)
Super PolyGrip .075oz $1.99-FREEQ= $0.00  (Will get $1.99 SCR @ end of month)
Subtotal: $15.66 w/tax
-$7.00 (Ups from last week)
TOOP (Total out of pocket): $8.66 AND I got $10.00 Ups for transaction 2

Onto Transaction 2
Halls Cough Drops (4 not pictured) 9*(2/$3)=$27-10*(.75/1)=$7.50=$19.50
I get $1 Ups for every 2 bags of Halls I bought, and I get $5 Ups when I spend $25 on select products.
Subtotal: $19.50 (without tax)
-$3 WYB $15 from Survey
-$10 Ups from transaction 1
TOOP (w/tax): $8.18 AND I got $14.00 Ups to use next week

To summarize I spent $16.84 at the end of the month I will be getting back $3.98 in rebates making the total go down to $12.86 AND I got $14.00 in Ups to use next week for the cleaning sale they will be having. Not a bad trip. Slightly high OOP, but I got 18 bags of halls (4 not pictured), 2 Polyrip, 2 Razors for total of 22 items making it average out to .59 per item (after SCR's are figured in)!!!! 

Till my next adventure!!!

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