Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome and Kroger Trip!

Welcome to my deal blog! I love posting and talking about my deals, so I figured why not start a blog that has just my deals on it? So here I am, and I'm ready to post about my trip to Kroger on 3-17-11.

So as you can see I got:
10 Packages of Dial Soap (some have 2 bars and some have 3)    10 for $10
10 Packages of Yakisoma Noodles 10 for $10
Coupons Used:
10- Dial Soap .35/1*2=.70/1 ($7.00)
10- Yakisoma .50/1*2=1.00/1 ($10.00)

Total BEFORE Coupons: $20.61 w/tax
Total AFTER Coupons: $3.61 w/tax

Now I should've used the Yakisoma Noodles at Publix as they are everyday price .79, but hey they were still FREE, AND I have 10 more to use at Publix b/c I ordered 20 inserts from  
Until my next adventure!


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